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About The Book

Enter a fascinating world of adventure, meet unforgettable characters, and immerse yourself in exciting stories. Relax, get comfortable, and start your journey

Targetting Vission

This book isn't just about adventure. It's also about friendship, courage, and self-discovery

Powerful Knowledge

You'll learn how Zubik overcomes his fears, gains his independence, and finds the courage to explore the new world

Noble help

Purchasing this book, you've helped bring peace to Ukraine. Part of this money will be sent to brave heroes fighting for their freedom

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What's inside the book

Through the power of storytelling, the book explores themes of courage, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. It inspires the imagination and invites readers of all ages to join the adventure, fostering a love of reading and a sense of wonder

Captivating adventure book for all ages

Thrilling quests and mysterious puzzles

Hidden treasures and ancient ruins

Magical creatures and enchanting landscapes

Heartwarming friendships

Exciting action and suspenseful twists

Themes of courage and pursuing dreams

Storytelling that sparks creativity

Captivating descriptions that bring Zubik world

Narrative that fosters a love for reading

Unforgettable moments of joy and wonder

A perfect gift for adventure-loving


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About Author

Oleksandr Agafonov

The desire to create useful and beautiful things has been with me for the past 25 years. You shouldn't wait that long to do what you really love.


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